If your business needs to be connected, or needs to modify existing connections to the Internet, New Millennium can research your location(s) and needs and provide the right alternative for your situation be it dial up, DSL, ISDN, T1, T3 or faster connectivity.

New Millennium can also provide networking solutions for small to mid size businesses that would benefit from increased communication through networking.

Email FAQs

New Millennium has been a partner with Dreamhost one of the leading hosting companies since 1999. Mail servers for your domain are services by Dreamhost with a record of over 99% up-time. If you are having difficulty with your email fist check the status of servers at or contact us. NMA presently utilizes the SMTP mail server and supports both IMAP and POP mail.

IMAP mail does not pull mail from the mail server and only deletes mail once you specifically delete it. IMAP is mostly used when you want to view mail from multiple devices such as you computer and phone. POP mail pulls the mail from the server and it then resides on the device to which it is downloaded and is no longer available to view on other devices.

Set up instructions for email can be found HERE
It is recommended that you use secure ports to set up you emails.

How many email addresses can I have?
NMA hosted accounts can have as many email addresses as you would like. There is no set number on how many addresses you can have.

Is there a limit on how much disk space an address can use?
2GB is the current limit. However you should keep it under 1GB to avoid issues with your folders loading.

Email disk usage warning
Are there limits on how large an attachment can be sent?
Yes. The limits depend on if you’re sending via Webmail, mail client or from your domain’s web server.

How do I access Webmail?
By default the URL for Webmail is where is your domain name.  Log on with your full email address and the password we provided to you.

Will email still work if my domain registration is expired?
Unfortunately, emails will not work. If a message was sent to you and your domain expired, the sender will receive a bounce notification that the message was undelivered. The domain registration must be active and have updated DNS records to use email.

I’m getting too much spam. Can I control this?
NMA can turn on an Anti-spam services you can use to filter spam. This will be for all emails on that domain. You can also create custom message filters to block specific messages through the webmail or set the sensitivity and whitelist/blacklist by logging into your mail account at (replace example with your domain).

Can I change my password?
It is highly recommended that you change your password on a regular basis by logging into your mail account at (replace example with your domain). NMA can reset your password but we can not see it as it is encrypted. We can reset passwords if necessary – call us or email us.

How do I set up my address on a mail client?
The following article walks you through this configuration: