Being on the Internet is an investment and whether you are just starting out or have been there for years the goal for most companies is to provide a return on your investment. Today many companies with web sites and are looking to take the next steps that will extract value from the Internet. Testing your WEB MATURITY is a good way to see where you are in this continuum.

Internet strategy should be an integral part of an overall marketing plan with Goals and Objectives. Tools that are used by New Millennium to help you achieve these Goals and Objectives vary from various software tracking and monitoring software to utilization of social networking to help increase ones presence on the Internet.

There are many facets of the Internet from e-mail to e-commerce. Not all aspects will benefit your company equally and if not implemented properly can even have a negative impact on your business.

New Millennium can help define and implement an Internet strategy that yields the highest impact for your Company. Elements we cover in Internet strategy development include:

• Goal setting
• Benchmarking
• Market Segmentation
• Customers Value Mapping