To view your website on the Internet the files we create at New Millennium need to be located on a computer or ‘server’ that is connected to the Internet on a 24/7 basis.

Servers should have redundant connectivity, frequent back-up, secure firewalls and many other features that often make outsourcing a better solution than trying to manage and maintain an Internet server internally.

We partner with one of the Nation’s largest hosting companies, Dreamhost. Should you wish to subscribe to Dreamhost directly (no ongoing services provided by New Millennium) you need to select a package that fits your needs. They are as follows:

Dreamhost Hosting Options:
Shared Hosting

Your site will be on a server with other sites – may be slower and more susceptible should the server have problems. Advantages – low cost

VPS Hosting

This is a good option for most sites that need a higher degree of reliability and performance

Dedicated Hosting

This option requires some degree of knowledge on how to maintain and manage a server.

DreamPress – Custom WordPress hosting

This option is designed for WordPress sites where some of the updating and management of the WordPress platform is automated.

We have been partnering with Dreamhost, a top US based hosting company since 1999. If you are experiencing issues with your website or email you can see if there is an open issue being worked on by clicking HERE.

By hosting with New Millennium, clients agree to our terms of service.